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Mobile internet audience continues to grow, says Forrester

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The number of people accessing the mobile internet is continuing to increase, industry analysts have noted. According to Forrester Research, Weather.com now attracts more than 12 million unique visitors to its mobile website every month. In addition, the number of people accessing sites such as Yahoo! and ESPN through their mobile phones was described as "significant".

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This has prompted Forrester Research to predict a further upturn in mobile internet usage, partly because mobile devices are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

"Devices like the iPhone, BlackBerrys and Android handsets deliver a more satisfying mobile web experience than standard mobile phones," it commented.

The organisation added that businesses could take advantage of this trend by launching a mobile marketing strategy aimed at mobile web users.

This comes shortly after Forrester analyst Ian Fogg noted that web-enabled mobile phones have ensured that people have internet access every hour of every day, whereas PCs only offer a "part-time" web experience.

Could your firm advertise through the mobile internet?

By Michael Grady at Velti.com


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