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Integrating Technology, Sales and Marketing Keys to Success McKinsey Survey Shows

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McKinsey survey shows importance of integrating technology, marketing and sales

The consultancy at McKinsey published in the McKinsey Quarterly the top online marketing trends affecting business today. Of note, more than half of respondents stated that by 2010 they will generate more than 10% of their sales from online channels. Considering online sales channels often generate more bottom-line revenue when compared to offline channels, this shift in sales generation represents a tremendous paradigm shift for companies of all sizes.


“Most companies today don’t integrate their online and offline marketing activities; companies that use online tools across the full spectrum of marketing activities are much more likely to do so,” the survey summarizes. By integrating your online sales, service and marketing with in-house technology and process management you will create a new competitive advantage within your company.

Points of interest from the survey

Most Popular New Online Marketing Vehicles for 2009

Importance of Using Online Tools in Respondents’ Marketing

  • Service management – 93%
  • Sales management – 76%
  • Advertising – 68%
  • Product development – 66%
  • Pricing – 40%

Which digital channels does your company use to sell products or services?

  • Company website – 79%
  • Proprietary or external e-commerce platform – 42%
  • Store in virtual world – 8 %
  • External auction site – 6%

Which digital tools does your company use for service?

  • Information on company website – 86%
  • Email – 78%
  • One click-to-call – 29%
  • Hosting a knowledgebase or user forum on website for self help – 16%
  • Online text or voice chat with customer support person – 8%
  • Online video chat with customer support person – 6%

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