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72% of Customer Lead Calls Mishandled - Learn From Auto Dealers' Mistakes

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According to a recent Dealix survey of 3,000 phone calls to auto dealerships 72% of inquiry calls received were mishandled. The study notes that most mishandled calls fall into three areas:


  • Seventy-two percent of dealers did not ask for an appointment with the caller.
  • Thirty-five percent of dealers did not suggest alternatives if the caller's first vehicle of interest was already sold.
  • Twenty-four percent of dealer voice mail systems were full or not functional, so the customer was unable leave a message.

How can your company learn from these mistakes? Consider the following:


Problem 1: Are your agents, sales staff or receptionist asking potential customers for face time when they have them on the phone?


Solution: Getting a lead on the phone is equivalent to gold – think how many voice messages you’ve never had returned. You must convert while you have a lead on the phone and asking them right then for a meeting will begin the process of converting that lead to a sale. Enabling your staff with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution will help them ask the right questions from the potential customer.


Problem 2: Are your sales agents and front-line employees enabled to suggest alternatives if you don’t offer what the potential customer is seeking?


Solution: If a customer calls asking for Plastic Zippers Size 5 enable your staff to suggest your company’s line of Brass Zippers Size 4 which last longer, require less space, and in recent laboratory tests perform better than plastic zippers. Decision and pricing engines, internal wiki’s and CRM solutions can all help in directing the customer towards products and services your company offers.


Problem 3: Is voice mail killing your leads? Potential customers unable to leave messages? Do you even know the answer to this question?


Solution: It may seem obvious, but setting up your voicemail system appropriately can have an enormous impact on your company’s image. Ensure a “catch all” mailbox is created for overflow calls, create a general inquiries mailbox that mentions your company’s website for additional information, and run reports to determine which mailboxes are filling up the most.

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