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Double Traffic to Your Website with 5 Simple Tasks

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line_of_people.JPGWith these simple 5 steps you can double (and in many cases triple, quadruple, or more) the amount of traffic to your website increasing exposure, leads and eventually business.

1. Include your website address on everything –

Business cards, brochures, email signatures, company signage, advertisements, mailers, on your voicemail and company greeting.


2. Optimize your website for search engines

Ensure your website appropriately uses page titles, tags, headers and is keyword rich. Register your site with search engines like Google.com, Yahoo.com and MSN.com.


3. Buy qualified leads

Determine which magazines your customers read and purchase lead lists from them, then send mailers and/or emails to these leads and mention how your company’s products and services will benefit the lead and encourage them to click on a link to your website to learn more.


4. Blog and Answer questions

Find blogs that discuss your services and products and contribute to the discussions, subtly mentioning the company you work for while providing a link to your website. Answer questions related to your services and products on sites like Yahoo! Answers and Wiki Answers – again subtly mentioning the company you are with and providing a link to your website.


5. Purchase sponsored advertising

Those search results in gray at the top of each Google page didn’t end up there by accident – those companies paid to be there. Studies show that being one of the first few search results yields significant traffic to your website – depending on the keywords you purchase – this can also be quite affordable.

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