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Generate Sales with Email Marketing Campaigns - 5 Tips for Success

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email_Campaign.jpgIf you have an email account you have certainly received an email advertising a company’s products or services. Companies use email marketing campaigns as part of an overall marketing strategy to increase brand exposure, drive traffic to websites/phones, and to drive sales for specific products and services. Email marketing campaigns can be very successful and cost effective if you know these secrets to success:

1. Lead lists

Chances are you have a list of emails from your customers, but hopefully you are already reaching out to them on a regular basis so how do you get new email addresses for new potential customers? Buy them of course! One secret of successful email marketing campaigns is that companies buy email addresses from sources that have qualified customers. Magazines and publications your customers frequent are a great example of this. Email list addresses can be purchased (on average) for $.05 to $.25 per address depending on their level of pre-qualification.


2. Set expectations

How do you define success for your email marketing campaign? On average, only 10% or less of recipients will read your email. A smaller percentage will click a link included within your email, and an even smaller percentage will inquire about your products or services or buy something on your website. Therefore, set your expectations accordingly and define your success criteria based on the number of potential new customers you want.

For instance:

Assume 10% of recipients will read your email

Assume 20% of those will click on a link in your email to learn more

Assume 30% of those visiting your website will make an inquiry or purchase.

If you want 100 new potential customers you would need to buy 16,667 email addresses

[10% of 16,667 = 1,667; 20% of 1,667 = 333, 30% of 333 = 100]


3. Graphics, colors, and images

Studies have shown potential customers respond positively to bright and vibrant graphics, colors and images so build your email accordingly. Use HTML code to make your email look like your company website to enforce branding and provide a consistent experience between your emails, website and corporate marketing material.


4. Customer focused

You have a very short period of time to capture the recipients’ attention so make sure the message of your email piques their interest. Make the message customer focused – how will they benefit from your company? “Triple sales using our proven XYZ confabulator” is a good example – after all, who doesn’t want to triple sales? Make your message brief – too many topics will distract from the impact of your main message. Lastly – describe how your products and services are different from your competitors. “The XYZ confabulator converts leads to customers 45% faster than any other confabulator available today,” for example.


5. A unique call to action

You are sending this email to potential customers and you want them to act in a specific manner – make this known. Provide a unique call to action in your email that tells the customer what to do next. “Click here to begin tripling your sales today” tells customers what to do next (while also piquing their interest with a teaser). This call to action should stand out visually – preferably at the top and bottom of the email.


Follow these simple steps to drive successful email marketing campaigns and extend your brand, drive traffic to your website, and generate potential leads, all in a cost-effective manner.


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