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60% of Online Shopping Carts Abandoned - Live Interaction Helps

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How to do increase sales when 60% of potential customers abandon their online shopping cart before submitting their order? Good tips on using online chat with customer support:

consumers abandon nearly 60 percent of all online transactions before they hit the "submit" button.

Maximize sales with live online interaction

From Wausau Daily Herald

The e-commerce Main Street is littered with deserted shopping carts and unsent online forms, travel itineraries and service applications.

According to Marketing Sherpa, consumers abandon nearly 60 percent of all online transactions before they hit the "submit" button. Each incomplete transaction reduces revenue, increases acquisition costs and represents a lost opportunity to win long-term customer loyalty.

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There are many reasons customers leave a site before they finish a transaction. Some still feel uncomfortable with providing personal information online. Some feel they need more information to make a final purchase decision. Others, especially when it comes to expensive or complex purchases, feel more comfortable taking the leap when they have human assistance.

Live, interactive Web site help gives customers the opportunity to communicate with a live agent throughout their online shopping experience -- right up to the time they're ready to hit the "submit" button. As a result,...click here to continue reading.

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