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In Disaster Recovery Uptime Not Equal to User Productivity

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This article makes a great point that in disaster recovery "uptime" is not equivalent to user productivity in a normal business as usual environment. What does that mean? When trying to recover the business after a disaster don't worry about employees having to take a few extra steps to perform their daily routine - the cost savings will more than make up for it.

Are you wasting disaster recovery budget to avoid employee inconvenience?

Richard Jones, Contributor, 08.31.2009 from TechTarget.com

Most businesses recognize the importance of ensuring high availability and quick disaster recovery of their mission-critical applications and data to avoid financial losses after a system failure or disaster. But as I've talked to a number of IT organizations, I've found only a few that have properly balanced the technology costs with the needs of the organization.

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Most IT organizations don't know if their critical business applications and data are properly protected. They have applied what they feel are the proper levels of technology, but often they have over-invested, possibly meeting the needs of one or two critical applications (but they don't know that for sure), with overkill for all other applications.

Most IT organizations understand that performing a business impact analysis (BIA) will help them apply the proper technology to prevent business loss. However, I have witnessed a mistake made by nearly all companies that embark for their first time on a BIA.

Is avoiding employee inconvenience mission critical?
The most common mistake businesses make when determining service-level requirements, disaster recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO) is ...continue reading.

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