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Earthquake Rattles DFW, Swine Flu now Pandemic – Is Your Disaster Plan Updated?

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Okay, an earthquake measuring 3.3 on the Richter scale is hardly worth noting, but it does remind us that disasters do happen and when they do, we must have a contingency plan. How will your business continue operating in time of disaster?


Hurricanes cut power, internet, and destroy office structures. Disease spreads rampantly causing public health officials to urge citizens to remain home for protection. A tornado ravages a central business district causing major disruption to office access. Sound familiar? It should – all of these disasters and more have occurred in the past decade causing billions of lost revenue to companies – and forcing many companies out of business.


How to Proceed:


Your company’s disaster plan (or disaster recovery or contingency plan as they are also called) can be enacted at a moments notice to ensure the impact to your business is greatly minimized, but have you recently updated your disaster plan to account for changes in business process, technology and new or changing staff responsibilities?


Review your disaster plan at least once per year and ask yourself the following questions:

1. Is the disaster recovery plan up-to-date? Does it reflect our current operating model and business processes?

2. Do all employees understand how to execute the disaster recovery plan? When was the last time the disaster recovery plan was rehearsed?

3. Does your technology stack support working remotely if employees can’t access the physical office? Do employees have access to important files, software, and systems required to perform their daily jobs?

4. When was the last time your data was backed-up? If all your computers were destroyed overnight where would you turn to for mission-critical data?


These and many other questions will help you ensure your disaster recovery plan will sustain your business when disasters hit. As the Boy Scouts motto reads – “Be Prepared.”


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