Workflow Automation

Workflow automation seeks to automate varius tasks performed in a business, manufacturing, or other related environment. Workflow automation software defines tasks (often captured in a process flow or process map) and creates events which can be one or multiple tasks. The automation software integrates with various data systems such as databases, processing applications, imaging repositories, accounting systems and the like to look for data elements that then trigger workflow tasks, thus automating workflow. Workflow automation has become very popular in the past decade and thus workflow automation consulting and workflow automation consulting services and widely available. It is recommended that you select a consultant experienced in your specific type of workflow automation software and industry for the best results. They should be able to leverage their skills and experience when deploying or extending your workflow automation system and automation tools.

Business Process Management

Business Process Management
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Automated Decision Engine
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Document Imaging
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Key Performance Indicator
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Workflow Automation
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Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery
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