Software Design

The art and science of creating a computer program is called software design where the functionality, appearance and data integration of the application is created. A software designer typically performs the programming for the application after software designing has been performed using business requirements documents. Software can be designed to operate on a PC or Mac or can also be designed to work on the Web or Internet through a website. Many applications exist that help in software design such as capturing requirements, creating application functions in a graphical environment (visual design), and ease the process of integrating data sources (eg from an external database).

Software design can create applications for any type of industry application and many already exist for business, kitchen and home, interior design, website design, and other such applications. Additionally, many companies specialize in software design and offer these services as a third party or outsourced/offshore solution.

Business Process Management

Business Process Management
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Automated Decision Engine
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Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery
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Software and Database Design

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Information Silo
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Software Design
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Web Site Design

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