Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (or search engine optimisation) refers to the process of tweaking web site content, code, and other related artifacts such that popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN/Bing are more likely to direct someone to the site. Many search engine optimization services exist to help novices or companies who simply prefer to outsource this service. These companies typically charge either by the keyword or keyword campaign and perform their services over several months for best results. A sophisticated search engine optimization company will use search engine optimization software to help in adjusting website code (such as meta tags, headers, alt tags, etc), distributing site content across other sites, and in producing keyword dense pages within your website.

The art and science of performing search engine optimization can place a company in the top page of an internet search and many companies rely upon SEO to generate substantial traffic to their website. However, some companies specialize in link distribution, keyword attacks, and other nefarious activities and search engine software has been designed to identify these techniques and remove them from search engine results.

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