As part of an overal strategy to reduce operating expenses many companies use offshoring, or the process of outsourcing functions offshore to countries such as India, Malaysia, or Latin America. Offshore jobs have exploded with the focus on offshoring from American and European companies competing in an ever global economy. Software development was perhaps the first industry to truly leverage offshore development with a particular focus on using offshore vendors based in India. Many offshore outsourcing and consulting firms have emerged such as Accenture, IBM, Comsys and Tata. Many companies use offshore and nearshore development as part of a global offshore or outsourcing strategy.

More recently, business process outsourcing or offshoring has emerged as a critical business function to outsource to vendors. This includes back-office activities such as accounting, customer service, reporting, document imaging, etc. Many call centers are now offshore providing 24 hour operations.

Business Process Management

Business Process Management
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Automated Decision Engine
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Document Imaging
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Key Performance Indicator
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Process Mapping
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Return on Investment
Workflow Automation
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Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery
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GPS Logistics
GPS Logistics Terms
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Marketing and Sales

Social Networking Sites
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Customer Relationship Managment
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Email Marketing
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Search Engine Optimization
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Social Networking
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Viral Marketing
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Project Management

Project Management
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Request for Proposal
Requirements Gathering
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Software and Database Design

Database Development
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Information Silo
Nearshoring Terms
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Software Design
Software Design Terms
Software Development
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Web Site Design

Commercial Off-the-Shelf
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Content Management CMS
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Extranet Terms
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Web Site Design
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