Content management system

A content management system (CMS) can be used to easily create and manage documents on a website, intranet or extranet. Content management systems are often open source and therefore free. Free content management systems often require a license for support and updates and require proper credit for the system authors and developers.

Joomla, Drupal, Mambo, and MovableType are popular content management systems that are also free. These CMS' can also function as document management software allowing you to store, organize and distribute enterprise documents such as contracts, brochures, newsletters, and other related documents critical to your business operations.

Business Process Management

Business Process Management
Business Process Management Terms
Automated Decision Engine
Automated Decision Engine Terms
Document Imaging
Document Imaging Terms
Key Performance Indicator
Key Performance Indicator Terms
Process Mapping
Process Mapping Terms
Return on Investment
Workflow Automation
Workflow Automation Terms

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery
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GPS Logistics
GPS Logistics Terms
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Marketing and Sales

Social Networking Sites
Blogging Terms
Customer Relationship Managment
Customer Relationship Management Terms
Email Marketing
Email Marketing Terms
Search Engine Optimization
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Social Networking
Social Networking Terms
Viral Marketing
Viral Marketing Terms

Project Management

Project Management
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Request for Proposal
Requirements Gathering
Requirements Gathering Terms

Software and Database Design

Database Development
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Information Silo
Nearshoring Terms
Offshoring Terms
Software Design
Software Design Terms
Software Development
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Web Site Design

Commercial Off-the-Shelf
Commercial Off-the-Shelf Terms
Content Management CMS
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Extranet Terms
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Web Site Design
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