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Social Media is Swell, But Don’t Forget the Basics

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A lot of hype has been placed on social media lately but we must remember social media is part of the marketing mix and shouldn't be the sole effort of a marketing plan. This article recaps some of the basics in a short summary.

Social Media is Swell, But Don’t Forget the Basics

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn. There’s no doubt that social media marketing is all the rage – and everyone is either talking about doing it or already engaged in these social channels.

People want to know how to make social media work for their business, how to use it to generate leads and obtain more sales. And social media can help you do this, allowing the proper research and strategies are in place. But it can’t do it alone.

Optimizing your entire digital presence
There’s no doubt that social media is the shiny new marketing strategy. And it does and can produce results. But it needs a little help from those tried-and-true tactics that have proven to work with measurable results. Click here to continue reading on social media

Yes, I’m talking about search engine optimization, pay per click and online display advertising. And more important, I’m talking about the power of integration.


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Couldn't agree more - any company only focusing on social media options for advertising will likely be disappointed. Social media is part of the integrated marketing mix and should be treated as such.

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