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Google now serving ads in iPhone Maps

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Google Adsense is now baking advertisements into search results on the iPhone browser. Great idea and tool for advertisers who's target market relies on the iPhone. Next, Google should find ways to leverage Adsense to bake advertisements into iPhone applications (especially those that are location specific).

Google updated AdSense this week adding support for high end smartphones like the iPhone 3GS bringing desktop styled advertising to mobile devices. The change led to Google's insertion of advertisements, alongside search results, into the iPhone Maps app. Local iPhone map searches will now display sponsored listings in the view and list modes of the Maps app.

We discovered examples of these ads on Monday while searching for a Verizon Wireless store. You should also take note -- this is the first time advertisements have appeared within one of the iPhones default apps rather than something we've downloaded for free or purchased from the App Store. Our search for "Verizon" resulted in the following list view: Click here to continue reading this article on Google Adsense and the iPhone. Click here to continue reading this article on Google Adsense and the iPhone.


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This new functionality extends Adsense's reach into the online advertising realm and is a great idea. With GPS and other location based information available from the iPhone the data is there to make this work. Adsense will no doubt offer "location based advertisement spots" to their existing and new customers. Of course, this does bring us one step closer to being fully engaged with advertisements on our cell phones.

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