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Cyber Monday: Just as big as Black Friday for sales

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What are you doing to capture sales on Cyber Monday? Does your company plan for a special promotion or advertising campaign to increase sales on Cyber Monday (or Cyber Monday week)?

By: Alan Ng 

While the majority of consumers will identify Black Friday weekend as the time to really go for that product that you have always wanted, new research has shown that Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are actually quite similar, meaning that shoppers shouldn’t separate the two this year in terms of online and offline sales.

As some of you might know, Cyber Monday is the Monday which follows Black Friday. You might often associate Black Friday with a complete range of sales both in-store and online, while emphasis for Cyber Monday is usually placed solely on online sales.

A recent study by the Yahoo Insights team has concluded that online sales on Black Friday were not too far behind sales that occured on Cyber Monday. Even more interesting, the study reveals that online retailers experienced a greater percentage increase in conversions on Black Friday than Cyber Monday. Continue reading article on online sales


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