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GM To Learn China Old Pro at Online Auto Sales

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A great deal of excitement and coverage has been extended to GM for providing online auto sales on eBay this year. While the concept seems new in the United States, China has been selling autos online for years and with a great deal of success. Perhaps GM can learn from the Chinese (if they haven't already begun to model after them).

Online car sales fast catching on with mainland China buyers

When Yang Xiaotang, a fashion magazine editor living in Beijing, started her online shopping life five years ago, little did she imagine that one day she would buy a car with just few clicks on a website.

"It is an easy and simple mode for people who have access to computers and Internet, and also an indication that we are living in a modern society," said Yang who just ordered a Skoda Fabia online.

In recent years, with the popularization and development of the Internet, online shopping has become more and more popular, and now extends to various segments.

The fierce industry competition has forced international and domestic automakers to consider online sales as an alternative channel to boost profits.

"Online vehicle purchases are on the threshold of a boom," said He Xiaojin, marketing and public relations director of SAIC Group's passenger car operations.

SAIC Group has recently completed a marketing promotion initiative with Chinese portal sina.com's auto channel to sell its Roewe 550 sedan online.

"Customers can order and make payments through our online 4S (sales, service, spare parts and survey) store at sina.com and then get first priority for vehicle deliveries at the 4S store," said He. "We sold 55 Roewe sedans within one week."

"The online 4S store has complementary advantages. The Internet mode of sales is a new marketing strategy for automobile firms," said Su Yunong, subeditor of sina.com's auto channel. Click here to continue reading about online auto sales in China.

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