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CRM in 2009: Personal, Social, Mobile, Adaptable

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Now that many national brands are focusing on leveraging social media in their marketing mix new tools are cropping up to integrate social media feeds into existing customer relationship management and communication platforms. This report summarizes trends from Forrester Research.

CRM in 2009: Personal, Social, Mobile, Adaptable 

By John K. Higgins
CRM Buyer 

Making sure that every customer gets the personal touch may be fairly easy for the owner of a neighborhood bakery, but in a mass market of millions, making each customer feel like an individual is a formidable challenge. In the information age, tools like customer relationship management software make it possible for companies to apply a personal touch to the mass market -- and that's golden.

The drive to personalize mass marketing has spawned a big business, and it's getting bigger. Companies spent US$9.15 billion on CRM software and services in 2008, a 12.5 percent increase from 2007, Gartner (NYSE: IT) reported in July.

An even more favorable estimate of the global CRM market came from Forrester Research, which pegged it at $11.7 billion in 2008.

While CRM's rate of growth may cool during 2009, experts foresee the market expanding by more than 5 percent annually for the next few years. Click here to read more about 2009 CRM trends to include social media


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