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Mass And Niche Social Networks Enhance Social Media Campaigns

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Brands need to harness the power of both mass social media and niche social networks to extend brand awareness to online consumers according to Reality Digital, the leading provider of social networking software for brands and businesses.

Mass social networks such as Facebook and Twitter can be used as effective crowd sourcing tools, as brands seek to reach out to a larger audience and engage them, whereas niche social networks dedicated to a brand can offer deeper consumer interaction. It is a combination of the two that reaps the greatest results and ROI for businesses.

Reality Digital has urged marketers not to become confused between the two types of social media, and the benefits that they can both have for a brand, indicating that they are best used side by side.

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Robert Proctor, Head of EMEA for Reality Digital, commented: "Businesses should ensure that they understand the key differences between mass social networks and niche social networks. A mass social network such as Facebook is a great way of raising awareness of a brand and attracting them towards a separate niche social network, which in turn serves as a much more efficient message platform to communicate and engage with consumers in a more direct fashion.

"With mass social networks there is little or no control over what is said about a brand, and so there is a danger of negative content being spread. A brand focused social network has the advantage of being a brand-safe environment where content can be moderated, eliminating this risk. It is the transition and reciprocation between mass and niche networks that will have the biggest impact on a business's online marketing activities."read more...


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